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Peter Sinclair

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Memories, Thoughts and Photographs

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As a father of three children, Peter G. James Sinclair wanted to leave them a living legacy that could equip them for life. Within ‘Memories, Thoughts and Photographs’, join him as he shares wisdom that will help you to identify your own goals and dreams, while lending you a helping hand along destiny’s road.

‘Memories, Thoughts and Photographs’ will make you laugh. It will make you cry. It will stir emotions while teaching you ageless truths of wisdom that have been passed down for generations.

Within the pages of Memories, Thoughts and Photographs you will find…

  • Powerful thoughts concerning Success
  • 5 keys to developing your Dream
  • 74 Life changing principles entitled, ‘Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Entrepreneur’.
  • 20 Letters of Wisdom written from a father to his children





Memories, Thoughts and Photographs
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