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Peter Sinclair

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Angels in Darned Socks & Patched Trousers

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The journey of a book begins with the first word, and the journey of a life begins with the first breath. Entwined within these pages are words mixed with a breath here and a breath there. Twin breaths. Their names were Bob and Dave. This is the true story of twins: Bob and Dave Sinclair and their family: who were raised in impoverished conditions on the streets of Redfern in Sydney, Australia between the years of 1932 to 1957.

Written from the perspective of Bob, the story commences with him sitting beside Dave’s deathbed on the 27th October 1985 recalling past adventures, mishaps and misbehaviours and promising to finish what Dave started, by recording all these memories. Peter masterfully draws the reader into that era giving them a glimpse of the joys and challenges of growing up in a large family, during the depression and beyond, so that they feel right there with them. Expect to be drawn into countless humourous tales, introduced to unusual characters and experience childhood bonds that will warm the heart.

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Angels in Darned Socks & Patched Trousers
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