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Peter Sinclair

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A Piece Of Mummy's Heart

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Shelley Sinclair shares her highs and unashamedly shares her lows, but doesn't stay there. Rather she provides her readers the many lessons she has learnt from her life experiences - and the result? Wisdom.

You will laugh with her. You will cry with her. You will travel with her through birth, life and death - all of which touch our lives at some point. And she will teach you how to make the most of every life changing event.

When a mother opens her heart with her children in 30 letters, it is inevitable that jewels of great insight will be unveiled and that they will touch the hearts of those who read this book.

There is something about a woman's intuition. She is perceptive. She is observant. She is woman.

Shelley, ably supported by her husband's writing, openly shares her life from when she was a child, a teenager, as a mother and a wife. And as a writer, Peter G. James Sinclair has been able to draw out of his wife stories that are written straight from her heart, while teaching powerful principles of successful living.

But it is Shelley's vulnerability and the willingness to share her vulnerability that gives the pages of A Piece Of Mummy's Heart such a powerful edge.

May this book "be as inspirational to you as it has been inspirational to us. May it lift you high enough to see just that much farther. May it deposit within your heart a fresh spirit of courage so that you can face another day and reach for another dream."

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A Piece Of Mummy's Heart
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