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Peter Sinclair

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    My Black Piano - Peter G. James Sinclair

This blog overflows from the spiritual foundation that Peter has as the rock of his life as he embarks upon his daily pursuit of his personal dreams. These directly relate to his expanding number of profitable business ventures, his love of musicals, his devotion to his family and so much more.

There is a depth that is revealed in his writings that is designed especially for those who are looking for more than just the superficial. At times his words will challenge. At other times they will confront. But no matter the impact his words are dipped in love for his Creator and love for his fellow man.

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Motivational Memo
Motivational Memo

The original Motivational Memo was first created in the year 2000 by its author Peter G. James Sinclair, in order to supply people with a powerful motivational tool that would assist them in their day to day lives.

Thousands have benefited from Peter’s ezines and blogs and many of Peter’s unique writings have formed the basis of his best selling books.

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